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Machine embroidery service


Beautiful embroideries add special glam and individuality to our products, make their wearer more noticeable.

With machine embroideries, all textiles can be made more interesting. Emboideries can be added to clients’ own products, but you can also order shirts, work clothes, knitwear etc, and embellish them with embroidered motifs or logos.

Our database comprises a large amount of different embroidery patterns: national, floral, geometrical, abstract, archaic motifs … Just send us your wishes.

The clients are consulted about the pattern’s position on the product and suitable thread colours.

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Bright superior quality viscose threads are used in our embroideries.

Embroideries will not fade and are more time-proof than printed pictures. Embroideries endure machine washing on high temperatures (95 degrees C), and ironing.

Your own pictures or photos can be used to make embroideries.

Just bring or send us your logo or picture file (.cdr, .gif, .ai, .jpg, .bmp, .eps, .pdf, .tiff). The higher the quality of your picture, the easier to turn it into embroidery.

Embroidery program determines the type, the length, density and direction of the stitches, underlaying stitches, the order of the elements to be embroidered, and the changes of threads for the colours. The program also determines the number of stitches according to which the price will be calculated.



The price will be calculated according to the number of stitches. More stitches, higher price.

To your first order, the price of your embroidery file will be added, depending on the intricacy of the logo or picture.

The file will be preserved in our database, so you can use it again.

To get the offer price, just bring the motif to be embroidered together with measurements, or send it to our e-mail.